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  • The Astrologer

    The Astrologer

    As enigmatic as the spawn he may or may not have created as a random side effect of pursuing his highest dreams and talents, director/writer/producer Craig Denney, is perhaps the Godfather (with a capital “G”) of the hyper-egotistical with-lack-of-talent-but-intense-passion artist creating film that reflects his raw id on celluloid. The only other way of describing this is if Nicolas Cage directed the way he acted; huge emotional swings, breakneck pacing smattered with random techniques, bizarre editing, but with not an…

  • Butterfly Collectors

    Butterfly Collectors


    It's always easier spotting other people's mistakes. Especially when you've made them all yourself.

    As much as I love his Guiseppe Conlon in In The Name of the Father (and it’s a damn shame Postlethwaite didn’t win for that), his portrayal of John McKeown in Butterfly Collectors is the best performance of his career (barring anything that I have left to view, which very well could change my prior assertion). Spielberg once called him, “The best actor in the world”…

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  • The Right of the People

    The Right of the People


    Probably the best film ever made regarding both sides of the 2A debate (especially as a direct topic). Not a chance in hell something like this gets made today even if the film satirizes the gun-grabbers and presents a wild array of grey areas and troubled reasoning. While hyperbole and satire are rubbed in our faces there are just as many if not more serious undertones and decent points made for arguing in favor for or against the right to…

  • Afternoon Off

    Afternoon Off


    No sitting!

    Stephen Frears directs us and Alan Bennett writes us into a downward spiral of crushed hope and insurmountable loneliness. Further than the apparent racial slurs and jabs at Japanese culture, tragedy burns at the expense of one man’s hopes and dreams of idolized romance. Ambition is tossed aside for cynicism. Bliss is stomped on because of little realized human connection. The actions of one government speak for the life of one individual. Afternoon Off is a little gem…

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  • The Phantom

    The Phantom


    What is this, a ship full of women?

    The Phantom is a classic, pulpy and delightfully charming swashbuckling adventure that hits all the right chords in its adaptation of the source material. While I am not totally informative on The Phantom comics I am aware and have been aware of its existence since my youth. It is only until now that I have ventured upon the cinema iteration of this heartwarming romp and grounded escapade that basks in the most…

  • Cyrano de Bergerac

    Cyrano de Bergerac


    Gentlemen, I will begin... "A Recipe for Making Almond Tarts". [everyone claps] No, no, no... that's just the title! Now the poem starts.

    Poised on steady legs,
    First your poet begs
    Several eggs.
    Froth them to a mousse,
    And then introduce
    'psssss' Lemon juice.
    Shimmmering like silk,
    Aromatic milk
    Of Almonds will c-
    -ome next. And next prepare
    Pastry light as air
    To coat with care
    Each pretty pastry mold,
    Which sweetly will enfold
    The liquid gold.
    Smile- a father,…