• Blitz



    Most Statham-y line
    - Aren’t you gonna take any notes?
    - Do I look like I carry a pencil?

    But yeah this uses so many homophobic + misogynistic + racist stereotypes and jokes to try and cover up for the fact the script is lazy and has no substance. And it’s very pro-cop to the extent that it sees corruption and abuse of power etc as just part of the job that we should just turn a blind eye to.

    (Always here to see Aiden Gillen playing a baddie and Ned Dennehy playing a weird dude though)

  • A Clockwork Orange

    A Clockwork Orange


    The moments where Malcolm McDowell and Michael Bates become a sort of double act >>>>>

  • Rome, Open City

    Rome, Open City


    Why is no one on here talking about the Nazi Captain Bergmann and the Gestapo officer, Ingrid… their campy characterisation in the context of the real life figures their characters represent, and in a film with such a serious subject matter, is rightly viewed by critics and scholars as homophobic, but this point is so interesting to interrogate further

  • 2001: A Space Odyssey

    2001: A Space Odyssey


    Every time I watch this I notice yet another genius detail in the filmmaking. A perfect film.

  • Tommy



    Ann-Margret is phenomenal.
    That ‘See me, feel me, touch me, heal me’ hook is sooooo good.
    Since the last time I watched this I still haven’t listened to a single song by The Who… but the film is still awesome.

  • Mother/Android



    Ugh it kind of makes me mad that this kind of film is being funded and made when actually creative and good art house films struggle to get produced and seen.
    Our world is doomed and everyone sucks and this film isn’t even that terrible just completely inoffensive and bland to the point where it has sent me on a mad spiral at the state of modern filmmaking I hate everything!

  • Sing


    So so so bad but Buster Moon is cute so 1 star for that
    (he’s also a total asshole, so fuck this film)
    (also one of the Piglets is called Zoë so I guess 1 star for that)

  • Nightmare Alley

    Nightmare Alley


    Richard Jenkins is still That Man

  • My Son

    My Son


    Because I was constantly aware of the improvisation gimmick, I couldn’t help but notice McAvoy’s lack of lines that are actual full sentences compared to everyone else’s pre-written ones… maybe it’s simply a character choice but it stands out quite a lot. Plus the narrative is just not that thrilling?

  • Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence

    Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence


    The sheer amount of warmth that Tom Conti has 🥺

  • Cow



    Found this very mooving

  • Johnny Mnemonic

    Johnny Mnemonic


    Keanu Reeves and Takeshi Kitano?
    Now that’s just too much cool isn’t it