Summer Night ½

The cast for this is:

👨 - unidentified blonde white guy
👨 - unidentified blonde white guy who looks exactly like the first guy 
🧑🏻 - young derek hale
🧑🏻 - this nerd guy who always has a bike
🧑🏻- this guy who looks like someone from iasip but it’s not him 
👩🏼‍🦱 - a girl who does the debby ryan face the whole movie
👩🏻 - tori from victorious 
👩🏻 - a girl who looks like tori (who is under 21 dating someone over 21 but we never find out her age?)
👩🏻 - the girl from crazy stupid love 
👩🏻 - lara jean covey

Anyways, thinking about that twitter thread of how all white people look alike.