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  • The Crucified Lovers

    The Crucified Lovers


    Everlasting Love

    The title chosen here is maybe the biggest spoiler, paired with the wonderful capture on the cover of our two lonely hearts drifting into the loneliness of love, shunned by society and open for capture like foxes around hunting season. The melodramatic parts are played out with the known emphasis that is very typical for a Mizoguchi production. The theatrical aspect and kabuki tradition really left a big mark on him. The ever so ingenious Kazuo Miyagawa captured…

  • Ginza Cosmetics

    Ginza Cosmetics


    "Love" is a necessity to
    survive harsh times

    A beautiful Lady just out of her prime and having a Son, while working in the Red-Light-District as the only income that can secure some stability for both of them. Finding a man is hard after the War. Finding a good man: nearly impossible. The long nights in the Ginza-district sure take their toll on those poor, tortured souls that long for some recognition and respect in a world that just tries…

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  • Yes, God, Yes

    Yes, God, Yes


    The Hypocrisy of the Church, the treatment camps
    and their enablers

    (Almost) Everybody is horny. That's just how it is.
    Unless you're Asexual the overflowing hormones are something uncontrollable and painful. Especially when you're a short grown boy that wants to get it all the time, but has no possibility to do so. Abstinence isn't the answer, as America proves every time as soon as you got reports about unwanted pregnancies and that every fourth Women there has to get…

  • Bullet Head

    Bullet Head


    "Are you a Cat-,
    or a Dog-Person?"

    I do have a cat, but liked dogs since I was about seventeen. Living in a shared apartment and the other fella having a big furball, who was just beyond adorable and became one of my best friends. It was also one of the saddest Funerals I've ever attended. Before that I was more or less scared of those four legged beasts, because the neighbor near my parents house had and always will…

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  • Super Dark Times

    Super Dark Times


    Boys with Samurai Sword will be Boys with Samurai Sword.

  • Oldboy



    What a Beast of a Movie!

    From perfect Camera, Sound and incredible Actors and all rapped up in the first Brainsplatter, as I like to call this Movie, I have ever seen.

    I was at the Fantasy Film Fest in 2004 at the screening of this enormous Masterpiece. It was a incredible Atmosphere!

    Till half hour before the ending you hear laugther, chuckles and gasping. But when the climax came, there was dead silence long after the credits were gone.…