2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey ★★★★★

'I am feeling much better now.'

My trip to Hamburg to see 2001 as 70mm print was every cent worth!
Although the first 30 minutes or so there was a strange stuttering in the bright segments of the movie and the colour somewhat seemed a little bit warmer then I'm used to, but simply cannot know or assume which one the right one is. So I'll leave this discussion to somebody else. All I can say is, it was "warmer" as the Blu-Ray and "colder" as the new trailer released for this screening. The print also had some minor (new) scratches on it already, they should sue the cinema that committed this crime! ;-)

It seems like I'm ranting but really it was just marvellous and besides of these small negatives, everything else was what I wanted and then some. If you have the chance to see it, do yourself the favour.
Now onto the 4K restoration on the 29th June in Berlin, to make a direct comparison and take the chances, to see one of my All-Stars as many times as possible on the big screen. At least two more time I'm watching this Movie, because the 4K-UHD is already ordered as well.

The Savoy Cinema in Hamburg was a real nice little cinema, with highly comfortable seating, a curved canvas and they did everything right, from the curtain opening at the right time, intermission time hold perfectly, really tasty popcorn and NO NESTLÉ Ice Cream, instead Ben&Jerry's is offered. That's what I call style.
The trip of 3 hours to this cinema was totally worth it.
By the way:
They have more screenings of 2001 until September.
And even Vertigo in 70mm on the first of September.

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