Come and See

Come and See ★★★★

Isn't War Painful?

The long and torturous way of a dumb boy to a disillusioned man is hauntingly captured, but at some point this movie bathes in his own pain so much so, that it swung around and almost became a satire at some point. When the history tries to be rewound, it went full on with a metaphorical message served with a sledgehammer, that this incredibly beautifully shot movie lost me towards the end a little bit.

A shame really, because most of the time this movie is as gripping as they come, with some surrealistic moments that shine through the atrocities of the battlefields filled with tearful laughs and joyous hopelessness. The sound design places you right in the middle of all the pain and sorrow that is thrown at you, covering you in a blanket of fear and despair. Simply wonderful.

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