WWE Royal Rumble 2021 ★★★★

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If you’re not a WWE fan, I would understand if you just skipped this review. No problem.

I’m just now getting back into WWE and what a time to get back into it. This Rumble was awesome. This is gonna be a BEEEEFY review so prepare yourself.

Last time I was a legit WWE fan was back in 2010. I checked back in at the 2014 rumble, hated it, then came back once AJ debuted but stopped after Fastlane. I’m gonna now TRY and be somewhat committed to the sport. No way for me to watch Raw or Smackdown but I’ll watch the recaps.

So the PPV started with Charlotte and Askua vs Nia and Shayna Baszler for the Women's Tag Team Championship. Nia and Shayna got the win and that’s who I was rooting for. I don't like Nia but I DO like Shayna. The match was pretty crappy with a dumb finish. Sucks that the WWE creative is wasting Lacy Evans and putting her in this dumb storyline with Ric Flair. This match gets a 1.5 out of 5.

Next match was Drew McIntyre vs Goldberg for the WWE Championship. Drew got the win. I really liked this match. It made Drew look really good. I just hope that keeps on putting on great matches and doesn't end up having squash match after squash match. I would like to see him have a nice 20-30 min match against someone sometime soon. This match gets a 4 out of 5.

Sasha Banks vs Carmella for the Smackdown Women’s Championship. Sasha got the win. This match felt unnecessary. We already had this match at TLC and we got the same exact outcome but the match was worse this time around. They made Carmella’s finisher look so bad and weak. If they’re gonna give Carmella a rematch after losing the last PPV, they should’ve had her win. Really like Sasha as a performer but this match just kinda sucked. 1.5 out of 5

Next is the Women’s Royal Rumble. Bianca Belair got the win. I LOVED this match. So much fun, so much GREAT bits tossed about. Going into it, I REALLY wanted Rhea Ripley to win. I love her as a wrestler and love her behind the scenes story. I also think that she’s a great performer. She ended up in the final 2 with Bianca and for a second I actually thought that Rhea would’ve gotten the win. But sadly, she didn't. Anyone with the WWE Network could’ve predicted Bianca winning. That’s kinda why I’m so salty she won. Would've loved it if they gave the win to Rhea since they treated her like a joke at last year's Wrestlemania. I personally think she deserved it a TON more than Bianca. Hopefully they give Rhea a big push and don't put her in a feud with Alexa Bliss. I love Alexa as a performer but that Fiend shit is one of the STUPIDEST gimmick and storylines I’ve seen in WWE and that’s…..sad.
Anyways, yeah this Rumble was amazing. Even though my pick didn't win, the match itself was fantastic. For sure one of the best Rumbles ever. This match gets a 4.5 out of 5.
(EDIT: I just wanted it to be known that I wanted Ripley to win so bad that when she came to the ring, my knees were shaking with adrenaline. That is all.)

Next match was Roman Reigns vs Kevin Owens in a Last Man Standing Match for the Universal Championship. Roman Reigns got this one. The match was for sure entertaining but that finish was cringingly bad. Owens handcuffed Reigns to a metal support beam and Heyman couldn't uncuff him in time and the ref just stopped counting so he could uncuff him. That probably doesn't make any sense unless you actually watched the PPV. Owens is a great performer and puts on some great matches. Again, the match was entertaining but for sure one of the weaker matches of the night. 2.5 out of 5

Last up, the Men’s Royal Rumble. Edge got the win. This match was awesome. One of the best Rumbles. It started off with Edge and Randy Orton and from before the bell even rang and on, the match was 100 miles per hour. Lots of great spots and great showings from almost everyone. Was disappointed Jeff Hardy didn't get to do much and got eliminated first. This is his last couple years (maybe even his last year) as a WWE superstar. I’m not saying he should’ve won (wouldn't complain if he did) but at least have him last 20-30 mins. We got some great returns. Carlito was a huge surprise (pun intended). Carlito got JAAACKED. He looked awesome. I really hope he comes back full time. Always liked him as a performer but WWE never knew what to do with him. Hopefully since now that he’s a walking school bus, Vince pushes him. Give him the IC title for a little bit. I don't know.
Hurricane Helms came back again and that was fun. He did his joke spot and quickly got eliminated.
But the return of the night was for sure Christian. Yeesh, imagine if a live crowd was there. That pop would’ve been MENTAL.
My pick to win was Daniel Bryan but he got eliminated by Rollins towards the end. A huge surprise for me was Riddle. He had a great showing. WWE did a great job at showing us what he had. Would love if he got a title run with either the US or the IC belt.
The finish was extremely stressful. Was REALLY worried that Orton would predictably sneak back in the ring at the end and win it but thankfully when he DID do that, Edge eliminated him and won it. I’ve been seeing lots of people pissed that Edge won. People were calling him an old man and that made ME feel even older. Edge was the MAN back when I was a WWE fanatic. So when people were calling EDGE a hasbeen, that hurt lol. Edge for sure deserved the win. He shouldn’t have been able to be cleared to return to the ring but somehow he WAS. He got his career cut short. The least WWE could do for him is to give him the Rumble win. I doubt he’ll win a title at Mania. Him winning the Rumble was enough i guess. If he somehow DID beat Roman or Drew, I’d be shocked. The Miz would probably cash in on him and win the belt. I don't know. I’m really looking forward to what they’re gonna do with Edge from here on out. Hopefully he doesn't get legit hurt again and has a nice strong final run. This match gets a 4.5 out of 5.

A great PPV. As a whole, I’d give this year's Rumble a 4 out of 5. The regular matches were meh to good but the Rumbles were why I was there and they delivered for sure and made this event unforgettable.

Ranking the matches:
6.) Sasha Banks vs Carmella
5.) Charlotte and Asuka vs Nia and Shayna
4.) Roman Reigns vs Kevin Owens
3.) Drew McIntyre vs Goldberg
2.) Women’s Royal Rumble
1.) Men’s Royal Rumble

I think the Women’s Rumble was a better match but I’m still salty about the finish.

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