Fight Club

Fight Club ★★★★★

A movie that takes on the world with every filmmaking device it has at its disposal. Fincher goes all in through his condemnation of mass consumerism, modernity, society’s treatment of mental health issues, and the list goes on. But what makes Fight Club stand above its contemporaries is its extreme sense of self awareness in what it's doing. For every institution he denounces, Fincher makes sure to examine the actions taken by those fighting against them. What the club does is never glorified or put on a pedestal. The Narrator and Tyler’s crusade against society isn’t seen as some heroic and brave venture. Rather, it’s shown to be an unhealthy (and incredibly dangerous) response to the stagnant lifestyles society puts them in. The men are put in an endless cycle that gives them no purpose beyond working and spending, and Fight Club allows them an escape from the mundanity, allowing them to vent their frustrations with the world and truly feel alive. But again, it’s not as much of a commentary on the situation that put them in this state as it is an examination of their rebellion against it. While lesser films just point the middle finger at society and call it a day, the way Fight Club comments on the just as bad, if not worse, reactions to it through the guise of toxic masculinity is what cements it as a true masterpiece.

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