Thunderball ★★★

The terrorist organization spectre has captured two nuclear weapons by hijacking a NATO bomber jet.
007 James Bond must uncover the location of the bombs and stop spectre's ransom scheme.

Thunderball was the most ambitious Bond film at the time.
Everything is bigger and more extravagant than all three past films.
Unfortuneatly, its also monotonous to watch.
Thunderball is my least favorite film in the whole franchise. Watching it for this review was a chore in of it's self.
The underwater stuff us cool but, its as slow as molasses.
There is not enough physical action for my tastes, and it's lite on those famous Bond one liners fans have come to love.
Another gripe in have with Thunderball is the level of camp that had seeped into the franchise by the time this film came out, that jetpack scene was borderline idiotic, should agents in a secret terror organization really wear huge gold rings with their emblem on them?
Why in fucks sake in the British intelligence meeting room do the bosses sit sixty feet away from the people they are talking to?
At the end of the day Thunderball is not the only misstep in the franchise, but it is the first in my opinion.

Mondo Cinema out.....

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