Wonder Woman 1984

Wonder Woman 1984 ★★★

I respect DC / Marvel movies, but I don’t personally enjoy them, so this is only the second one in that genre I’ve ever seen (first being Thor: Ragnorak and I feel like I’m going to get beat in an alley for comparing). Anyway, Chris & I had takeout from a local restaurant and a sparkling cranberry soda someone gave us for Christmas and watched exactly half before we both fell asleep on the couch (unrelated to the movie).

The Cheetah / Diana relationship felt VERY GAY but somehow it wasn’t (they should kiss)! Also, as a lot of people probably did, we kept yelling SHOW US THE CHILD at Pedro Pascal, but also - he was really really funny! I’m in love with him now! I find Gal Gadot to be beautiful but charmless which isn’t her fault. I will probably not watch the other half but not because I didn’t like it. I’m just going to use Letterboxd as a diary from now on. Going great so far. OK bye.