Blinded by the Light

Blinded by the Light ★★★★½

Blinded by the Light is the story of Javed, A Pakistani kid living in England during the economic struggles of 1987. One fateful day he discovers the music of Bruce Springsteen, giving him a new lease on life and the get-up-and-go energy to pursue his dream of being a writer.

I hate to be one of these "omg that's so me" assholes, but I'm about to be one of these "omg that's so me" assholes.
I can't remember the last time I related to a film's character this hard. Maybe The Way Way Back in 2013. This movie perfectly captures so many feelings and experiences that I think are fairly universal, despite it's very specific setting. Just the idea of Stanning someone, discovering an artist who's work resonates so strongly with you it dominates every other aspect of your life.
Yes, I too am a sad piece of shit.

I've never really listened to Springsteen's music and obviously haven't had the same emotional connection to it but this is all about what it means to Javed and that love permeates every frame of the film.
It's so dorky and earnest and honestly it should be cringeworthy but sometimes you just need some joy.
Viveik Kalra's lead performance is fantastic and I hope to see him in more things.

This is the feel-good movie of the year and exactly what I needed after having a really shitty day before seeing it. There are moments in this film that reach levels of unbridled joy that you just don't feel too often.